Second Study for 4 Women #1
Second Study for 4 Women #1, 2001. Cibachrome 118,9cmx84,1cm.
© Ruud van Empel

FB: In the past you have worked as a designer, films maker and you are currently working on some sculpture. Is photography your means of expression or you switch indifferently from a media to another? Do the various aspects of your work interact with each other, or are separate?

RvE: I like photography and I like sculpture, so I try to work in those disciplines, other kinds of expressions in art like film or oil-painting are not interesting for me I found out by experience in the past.

There is interaction between my photography and my sculpture, I have the same subjects and I am trying to visualize the same symbols.

However, my sculptures are still in a experimental stage.


FB: Can you tell me about a contemporary photographer you especially like, and why you love his work?

RvE: I like very much the works of Cindy Sherman, because she is also working in series, and taking a different subject every time, while always using herself as a model. This is very special I think and over the years it never gets dull, she remains fresh, doing new experiments and with very good results. Her Clown series is again a masterpiece, her work gets better and better. I like that she is always making an image of just one person, a big portrait and with so many variations.


Ruud van Empel
Ruud Van Empel.
©Mark Kohn

FB: Just some question on your personal taste. What book are you currently reading? What music listening? What are your favourite movies?

RvE: The book that I am reading is a biography of the Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven.
The music I am listening at the moment is Billy Holiday. Favourite movies, there are so may but it go’s from Director’s like Ingmar Bergman, to Fellini, Pasolini and Marco Ferreri, Claude Faraldo, Bertrant Blier, Jacques Tati, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Bert Haanstra, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Powell and Werner Herzog.

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