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The Asian photography, by Ch’ng Yaohong

© Ch’ng Yaohong Ch’ng Yaohong is a young photographer based in Singapore. In addition to photographing for his personal projects and for commission works, Ch’ng Yaohong is also the author of one of my favourite weblog, Asian Photography Blog, and it is easy to understand why. Ch’ng Yaohong site is about two of my great [...]

The dark word of Hyeyoung Kim

© Hyeyoung Kim Hyeyoung Kim is a photographer of Korean origin who, after living some years in Vienna and San Francisco, is now established in Hawaii. Her black and white photos are an exploration of an inner world, a secret universe where everything is revealed: joy and suffering, fear, anxiety, peace and security. In her [...]

Interview with Marco Tardito

© Marco Tardito Marco Tardito‘s photography, which is both personal and commercial is both subtle and poetic. It is a kind of poetry that expresses the soul like a whisper that conveys subtle emotions with touching melancholy. Poetry that is an intimate story that pervades fashion and travel photography. Granular and pictorial fashion photography, that [...]

Transfer photocopies by Samuele Piccoli

© Samuele Piccoli Samuele Piccoli works mixing photography, photocopies, transfer techniques, collage and painting. The transfer of photocopies of photographs on drawing paper, using cleaning fluid/trichloroethylene or acetone, creates images with a pictorial look that I find very interesting. Samuele Piccoli then adds onto these photocopied photos some external elements, be they purely pictorial, collage, [...]

The minimalism and the human condition by Mohammadreza Mirzaei

© Mohammadreza Mirzaei Mohammadreza Mirzaei è un giovane promettente fotografo iraniano. Le sue fotografie sono minimaliste e pulitissime, gli uomini sono ridotti a minute silhouette nere sotto un immenso cielo bianco, minuscole pedine sperdute in un prato verde sconfinato. Piccoli piccoli, visti dall’alto o da lontano lontano. Intenti nella recita senza fine della vita, in [...]

Resin coateded inkjet prints on artistic paper

Original picture before being print. The first person that talked to me about resins coat on inkjet print on drawing paper was Marco Tardito (whom I also made an interview). In the past I also tried myself printing on watercolor paper with my Epson 2100, but the results were terribly disappointing. Colors are completely wrong [...]

Inside the infinite cube city

F. Busdraghi and T. Ghioni inside their installation Infinite Cube City.

The dark city of Mehrdad Naraghi

Interview with the Iranian photographer Mehrdad Naraghi.