Archive for 2011

Interview with Li Wei

Interview with Li Wei (李伟), a Chinese photographer born in Inner Mongolia.

Interview with Li Jie and Zhang Jungang

Interview with the couple of Chinese photographers Li Jie and Zhang Jungang.

Sea Change, by Michael Marten

Michael Marten photographies of tides and sea level changes in England.

Interview with Xiaomei Chen

Interview with Chinese photographer Chen Xiaomei about her background, vision and photographs.

Interview with Sheila Zhao

Interview with Chinese photographer Sheila Zhao about her history, photographs and vision.

Interview with Rian Dundon

Interview with Rian Dundon about documentary photography in China.

Unlimitxt: An Exploration of Virtual Connectedness, by Dennis Rito

Dennis Rito portrait of mobile phone lightened peoples from Philippines.

Interview with Rona Chang

Interview with Rona Chang about her photographs, her story and the importance of space and travel in her work.