Archive for 'Historical and alternative processes'

Topography, by Daniel Tubío

Pinhole Self-Portraits, by Alyson Belcher

Looking through, photographs on ice by Galina Manikova

Madness and poetry, the pinhole portraits by gUi mohallem

Pinholeswap 2009: scambio di foto stenopeiche e zoneplate

Le nuove gomme bicromate su legno di Massimo Attardi

Pinhole camera e design

Van Dyke Brown on cyanotype

Pinholeswap 2008: pinhole cards exchange

The pictorialism and modernism of Edward Steichen and the malediction of Ansel Adams

UV light source for contact prints and UV enlarger

Mounting pinhole diaphragms on support slides

Microscope diaphragms as perfects pinholes

Carbon print

The photographs “Demons”, technical notes

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