Katie’s Jump, by Ian Leake

Ian Leake platinum/palladium nude photography.

“Zapatistas”, heroes from the last century, by Jon Bertelli

Jon Bertelly photographic documentary about the last Mexican veterans of the Zapatatista revolution.

Terre des Oublis, by Steven Greaves

Steven Greaves documentary of illegal immigration from Afghanistan and or Sudan’s Darfur region.

A Lasting Visual Image, by Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin essay about nude photography and voyeurism.

Deviant Elegance, A quest for beauty and the inner image, by Galen Schlich

Galen Schlich photographic quest for beauty.

A parallel reality, by Alexandra Demenkova

Alexandra Demenkova travel photography in a village with a mental asylum, also questioning if progress can make life happier.

Sixteen Thousand Nautical Miles, by Ole Brodersen

Ole Brodersen sailing circumnavigation of the Atlantic Ocean.

Innocent X, by David Paul Lyon

David Paul Lyon essay about his early influences and work: the first art epiphany, the quest for a personal style and the mummies of Palermo.

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