Changing Perspectives, by Leslie Mazoch

Leslie Mazoch article about her photo-editor vs photographer life and her project about Mexican escaramuza.

Forgotten Life, by Alex ten Napel

Alex ten Napel essay and portraits about Alzheimer.

The things we did while you were gone, by Bryan Thomas

Bryan Thomas essay about Carbondale, a city searching for a new future.

Interview with Rian Dundon

Interview with Rian Dundon about documentary photography in China.

Female drug addiction in Afghanistan, by Rafaela Persson

Rafaela Persson documentary photography about Afghanistan women addition to opium.

General Butt Naked, by Ryan Lobo

Ryan Lobo reportage about Joshua Milton Blahyii -alias General Butt Naked- quest for redemption.

“Zapatistas”, heroes from the last century, by Jon Bertelli

Jon Bertelly photographic documentary about the last Mexican veterans of the Zapatatista revolution.

Ein nichtort or the fairy tail about the galoshes of fortune – an insightview, by Evi Lemberger

Evi Lemberger portrait and interior photographs about identity in Transcarpathia.

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