Absolute Cure for Loneliness, by Tim Gallo

© Tim Gallo

Following text and pictures by Tim Gallo.

Safe Playground, by Miyuki Okuyama

© Miyuki Okuyama

In this article Miyuki Okuyama, in addition to telling her childhood in a small village in northern Japan, explains her personal vision of photography. For Miyuki Okuyama, instead of documenting some kind of tangible reality, photography provides an access to a parallel world in which we can lose ourselves in our dreams and [...]

Beyond the Land’s End, by Yumiko Kinoshita

© Yumiko Kinoshita

Yumiko Kinoshita is a Japanese photographer whose delicate images make me immediately think of brightness and lightness.
In the following essay she speaks about the importance of travel in her life and her photographic work. In addition to the description of a photographic session in Ireland, Yumiko Kinoshita writes some ideas about art [...]