Changing Perspectives, by Leslie Mazoch

Leslie Mazoch article about her photo-editor vs photographer life and her project about Mexican escaramuza.

In the Dark, Roberta Marroquín Doria

In the Dark, by Roberta Marroquín Doria, a series of photographs about modern Christianity and ancient Indian beliefs in Mexico.

“Zapatistas”, heroes from the last century, by Jon Bertelli

Jon Bertelly photographic documentary about the last Mexican veterans of the Zapatatista revolution.

Escondido (Hidden), by Federico Gama

© Federico Gama Text1 and photos by Federico Gama. Translated in english by Michael Parker-Stainback. [↩]

In suburbia Mexicana, by Alejandro Cartagena

© Alejandro Cartagena Following text and photos by Alejandro Cartagena.

Estamos Buscando A – We’re Looking For, by Paul Turounet

Retablo Nº1 – Unidentified Migrant, Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico, 2003 © Paul Turounet Paul Turounet long term project “Estamos Buscando A – We’re Looking For” explores the cultural and emotional concerns of Mexican emigrants that are trying to cross the United States border. It is a really engaged and personal body of work, as [...]