Turn photos into pencil drawings using Photoshop

How to convert a photograph in a realistic pencil sketch or charcoal drawing using photoshop.

The noise in digital zone plate photography

Description of noise in digital zoneplate photographs. How to use photoshop to replace it with a simulated film grain.

Anti color fringing to eliminate the residual chromatic noise

After filtering the digital noise with photoshop you can use anti color fringing techniques to eliminate the residual chromatic noise.

Local sharpening techniques and noise reduction

Use photoshop to increase the sharpen only on detailed areas of a photo and filter digital noise only in smooth portion of the image to achieve optimum results.

Add noise to remove noise

After removing with Noise Ninja the noise of a digital photo add noise with Photoshop to simulate the analogue film grain.

Influence of the black generation curve on color separation

When converting from RGB to CMYK, maximum black generation curve is the best option for VDB pigment prints.