Safe Playground, by Miyuki Okuyama

© Miyuki Okuyama

In this article Miyuki Okuyama, in addition to telling her childhood in a small village in northern Japan, explains her personal vision of photography. For Miyuki Okuyama, instead of documenting some kind of tangible reality, photography provides an access to a parallel world in which we can lose ourselves in our dreams and [...]

A misleading moment, by Aaron Hobson

Winter, Scrooged – © Aaron Hobson

I really like the panoramic format, and I think it is a shame that usually it is used only for classic landscape, most of the pictures out there have the 1:1 or 2:3 format. It is the same for music, i love the 20′ tracks of the 70’s, and I [...]

The dark word of Hyeyoung Kim

© Hyeyoung Kim

Hyeyoung Kim is a photographer of Korean origin who, after living some years in Vienna and San Francisco, is now established in Hawaii.
Her black and white photos are an exploration of an inner world, a secret universe where everything is revealed: joy and suffering, fear, anxiety, peace and security. In her series “A [...]