Western Landscapes, by Allie Mount

© Allie Mount

Following text and photos by Allie Mount.

Simplifying Chaos, by Jeremy Kohm

© Jeremy Kohm

Following text and pictures by Jeremy Kohm.

The 19/23 Corridor, by Scott Lessing Hubener

© Scott Lessing Hubener

Following text and photos by Scott Lessing Hubener.
The 19/23 corridor
I have completed a recent body of work tentatively titled, The 19/23 Corridor, which is a photo documentary of the area between Asheville, NC and Johnson City, TN where a stretch of the 19/23 highway lies. This project has taken almost a year [...]

On Wisconsin, by Mark Brautigam

© Mark Brautigam

On the site of Mark Brautigam there is a single portfolio: “On Wisconsin”. A series of large-format photographs of landscapes, buildings, cities and portraits. Photographs from the stunning palette, the cold tone of snow, calm and quite, as silent as they where suspended outside of time. I particularly like Mark Brautigam photos [...]

Facing South: Southern Identity in Transition, by Kendrick Brinson

© Kendrick Brinson

Kendrick Brinson is a young freelance photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her current photographic emphasis focuses on photographing the eccentricities, stereotypes and romanticism of the Deep South of America.
She is also a founding member of Luceo Images, a photo collective of like-minded passionate photographers. Her personal photoblog is Box of Light.
Following [...]