Archive for 2007

UV light source for contact prints and UV enlarger

Description of a self-made UV printing unit with Sylvania Blacklight-blue UV tubes to print alternative and historical processes.

Mounting pinhole diaphragms on support slides

Tutorial to explain how to mount microscope diaphragms pinholes on support slides to handle them more easily.

The landscapes between photography and painting by Dorothy Simpson Krause

Interview with Dorothy Simpson Krause about her landscapes photographs made from digital prints on various materials and mixed media.

The fantastic world of Ruud van Empel

Interview with Ruud van Empel about “word” his photographic collages or photo-montages of children and plants in a modern naif style.

Microscope diaphragms as perfects pinholes

Electron microscope diaphragms can be used as the best pinholes: they are perfectly round and the diameter is constant.

The triumph of modern academism and the few brave Photo Quai rebels

A lot of “modern academic photography” at Photoquoi exposition in Paris, but also a few great less known photographers from the non-occidental world.

Monochromatic pictures on darkroom color paper

Print black and white negatives on traditional darkroom color paper to obtain monochromatic photography.

Carbon print

History, description and technical introduction to the carbon transfer, one of the best traditional photographic printing technique.